Phone Fix USA, is a certified and preeminent reseller company of used and new cellular phones in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. By offering used phones, and other media devices we are encouraging the reuse of fully functional electronic devices and supporting a more sustainable form of corporate and customer conduct. We guarantee that all items have passed our 10 point test before putting it out on the market. Customers can visit our shops and purchase items through our online shop as well.

Are you looking for the right gadget for you? We have a wide selection of mobile phones from the old standard flip phones to the brand new smart phones. You can get the same kind and quality of phones from main carriers but with almost 70% off the price. And to top it off, we give a 90 day warranty on all phones and we will include free chargers for all pre-owned phones bought from us. We take great care and give utmost attention to our products and customer service.